The forecast of clearing mist got me up on the moors at a good hour. What is it about emerging from the mist that is so extraordinary? What is it about a brocken spectre that makes you feel instantly uplifted? I introduced another man to them as he was coming off the moors (extra). I think he was worried he wouldn't see my imaginary friend when he told me his eye sight was poor but it wasn't long before he was jumping up and down in excitement, taking photos too! I grinned all the way home, feeling alive.

I didn't have a long walk as I was heading for a bike ride today. Rich headed off on his too but in a different direction because he hadn't been on his bike for a while and there was talk of too many hills for his liking.  I had it in the back of my mind to take a look at Peat Lane on the way out of Pateley on the recommendation of Earthdreamer before 2015 was out.  With today's forecast, it seemed like the right place to go and long enough ago that I'd nearly forgotten how big Greenhow Hill was.

I headed up the hill out of the back of Askwith and on to Blubberhouses. I took the road up towards Greenhow from there but then headed to Peat Lane via Padside and Nought Bank. I saved my legs on the way as much as I could and it was a beautiful day for just ambling along.

There is only one real reason why I made it up that hill without putting a toe down! 

My zig zagging came into its own and luckily on a bend, the motorbike coming the other way was of the same mind as we passed each other French style. It was a little damp and leafy under wheel just when I could have done without it but with some serious determination, much swearing and the thought of writing up my day, I made it past the steep section and out onto a much more amenable slope. 

I have to say it was worth it. 

The road is a complete contrast to the busy road out of Pateley that you join near the top. Without a breeze, it was completely silent.  The only person I saw was a wellied man in a red top crossing in front of me fifty yards further on that I'm still not entirely sure wasn't a ghost. I should have seen him further up the road or heard a gate in the silence. But nothing. 


The meister of going slowly, I took plenty of recovery time on the rest of the ascent,  having already noted a record breaking 2.2mph earlier on.  There were plenty of butterflies as well as birds in the small trees on the way up, chirruping in a spring-like fashion. It was a stunning, stunning day.

I came back via Skyreholme and sat in this seat for a much needed bar before heading down the valley. I am completely wasted but Rich has served up a fine sausage and mash tonight which was just the ticket.

What a fine day.

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