Up the creek without a paddle

I like canoeing - on calm water in good weather - and Mr M and I have had some good days out in our Canadian canoe on the River Witham in Lincolnshire and on Ullswater. But Mr M's never succeeded in sweet-talking me in to canoeing with him on the Tweed. Far too fast-flowing and unpredictable for my liking.

He did persuade me to act as transport this morning for himself and his friend G. Waved goodbye at Twizel Bridge as they manhandled the canoe over the gate and on to the path down to the River Till. They planned to canoe from there, and on to the Tweed as far as Norham Bridge.

I drove home to await the call asking me to pick them up. A couple of hours later the call came, requesting that I bring towels. Nothing new there, as canoeing always involves getting wet! Arrived at Norham Bridge to find Mr M and G, both soaked through, but no canoe. To cut a long story short, they'd hit a tree(!), capsized, and the canoe (with the paddles, two bags containing several useful items, Mr M's wellies and his favourite hat...) continued down the Tweed without them.

Thankfully they were only a short distance from Norham Bridge, they both got out of the river unhurt, and a passing dog-walker lent them his mobile to phone home...

I suspect that our canoeing days are over!

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