Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Renewable energy

Sometimes the camera sees more than the naked eye (well, my myopic eyes anyway). I didn't see the wind turbines illuminated by the shaft of light until I downloaded the image (worth viewing large). This is the view deep into Morecambe Bay from Jack Scout: if I could, I would come here every evening from now right through the winter when the sun sets in the mudflats of the Bay. It's different every time - light, tide and shifting creeks and mudflats. Though the bank of cloud that was sat over the Irish Sea this afternoon meant that the sun was lost from sight soon after we arrived.

It was a better day than I had expected, and I spent a lot of time in the garden tidying, and searching, searching....but still with no joy. My every move was watched by a robin who is becoming more confiding every day, and he sang his quiet subsong, only for my ears and those of Gus who was also watching. Perhaps he was trying to encourage me in the hunt. When the sun shone there was a red admiral coming to feed on the flowering Viburnum, surely the last I will see this year?

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