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By delphwynd


...of the snow. Looking north from Stirling today, towards the Trossachs and the whitened tops of Stuc A Chroin and Ben Vorlich.

Sneaked under the radar that did as it was all rain first thing this morning down this way. Lots of puddles, lots of slippery mud. Went arse over elbow off the bike as I arrived at work, but somehow managed to perform a perfect forward roll dismount without crushing the camera on my back and (I think) without anyone spotting me. All that BAGA level four gymnastic training when I was nine came rattling out of some seldom visited corner of my half-asleep start-of-the-week head. Mind you, noticed on the way back tonight there's a CCTV camera above the spot I came off, so maybe Jim the Janny had a good old laugh at that.

Monday could only get better after that.

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