By dogwithnobrain

You Going Doon The Caley?

This was a haunt of my youth.

In 1981 the Caley Ballroom was the place to be on a Saturday night. the place to be if you were under aged and desperate to dance along to all the sounds of the day!

Shalimar, Sister Sledge, occassionally a bit of Adam and the Ants, creeping in, but it was still
Mostly disco and we danced all night!

Now it's the Radisson. I don't know if it still has a ballroom. The last time I was there was during jury duty when we were sequestered into a room for meals .... Not that brilliant if I remember rightly!

Ah well, I still smile when I walk past each night on my way for the train and remember summer nights of ra ra skirts and discos!

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