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Zoo Trip #39: Butterfly World

Butterfly World lies near Swindon, a short way from an M4 junction, and as well as butterflies has reptiles, otters, meerkats, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, canaries, pigs and so forth. I'd been there once before and enjoyed it, so went back knowing what to expect, and was there for the meerkat and otter feeds. This blip was taken a while after the seven Asian small-clawed otters had had their lunch.

It is also quite close to a stretch of the former Wilts and Berks canal that I hadn't previously explored or even known about so I investigated and found that it had run alongside Wharf Lane and the canal bed is just visible there. I used to drive from Mill Lane into Wharf Lane as they were back roads that got me out of Swindon avoiding the rush-hour traffic, but in recent years there had been heavy development on Mill Lane and so I hadn't used it.

It turns out that the construction there had included a new Waitrose, situated beside a watered section of the canal I didn't know about, and so I was able to sit on the terrace overlooking the ducks on the canal. Afterwards I was able to get onto the towpath and walk along the watered section I knew nothing of before, until it came to a stop in Kingshill, very close to the spot where I had normally parked to walk into the town centre. Along the way I had chats with a few people walking their dogs or feeding a swan and two cygnets. I have put an album depicting the walk below.

When I got back to the Waitrose at Wichelstowe, the new road next to it took me directly to John Lewis At Home, my next port of call, where I researched iPads and used a voucher that would expire at the end of the day for a free coffee and cake.

10.11.2014 (1220 hr)

Back from my trip to the Midlands and starting to catch up!

Blip #1418
Consecutive Blip #002
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LOTD #653 (#773 including archived blips)

Alex (Pygmy Goat)
Amy (Angora Cross)

Butterfly World, 31 October 2014 (Flickr album)
Wichelstowe Canal Walk, 31 October 2014 (Flickr album)

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