By Kackers

First Dramatic Post!

It is always really difficult to decide what to use as your first ever photo or post.

I feel obliged to make it dramatic and to set the standard of what is to come.

The reality is that I took a photo of two items that are currently on my work desk.

Neither of which are exciting or dramatic.

I can justify this by stating that I have started this to record my journey of moving to a new home in January 2015.

When I say new, I mean a 1960 house that needs everything doing to it. Starting with a big clean.

It is advertised as a project. I fancied a project. It seemed like a good idea at the time!

I will post everyday leading up to my move, and thereafter post daily on the progress of the new place.

In the run up to the move, I may post photos of things that I have bought in a wild fit of excitement, or of my two black cats or some winter cloud photos.

I am beginning to excite myself now at the mere thought of it!!

I am scared, nervous and full of anticipation.

I am about to make my dreams come true.

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