Miss R Able

By MissRAble

Wave with sail

Inspired by SLANT* I made some wave shots today. Not so dramatic as many of his. But I choosed this because I liked that little sail. Here are two other ones.

We were in Falsterbo today, the SW corner of Sweden. Here are links to some other photos I took there: Sea through a lock. The beach is very long and the sand is very soft and nice. Sometimes the pirates are coming selling icecream. Even if you pay you´ll have to jump the plank!

A butterfly by the sea, and a flower by the sea.

I took some other photos too. For example a moth just after midnight yesterday. Great one with glowing eye in my stairway...

Oh this was really a blip intense day. But I really reloaded my batteries in the sun and sea!

*Yesterday Chaos wrote: I think it was blueplanetphotography or maybe scintilla that said "Find something that you like and copy it." I found it was scintilla:"Take pictures that make you happy. Enjoy other's blips and expose yourself to ideas that you like and try to execute them yourself"

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