John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

Women on Metro Line 14, Paris

In celebration of International Women's Day (widely commented on in France), I submit a blip of my wife Marylee on the escalator leading up from Metro Line 14 in the Pyramides station in Paris. Line 14 is Paris's newest Metro line, and it's completely automatic. Thus it ran throughout the nine-day transit strike in November 2007, which we experienced.

Since the new line had to be constructed at great depth to traverse central Paris under everything else (running from St. Lazare to Olympiades on the eastern Left Bank), it's accessed by elevators and escalators. (The latter are extremely reliable, unlike those notably in another large city I've experienced but won't name :)

It's been well below normal here in Paris for several days, even though Spring is nominally less than two weeks away--witness the gloves and hat in the blip!

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