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Kingfisher Not Pictured

I was on my way between Lacock and Melksham on a sunless day when I decided to stop at Marsh Lane to make another attempt at seeing the kingfishers that are known to inhabit that part of the canal, at the foot of the Caen Hill flight. It was at a slightly earlier time than I'd been told was the optimum, but it was also closer to sunset of course, as the days shortened. After awhile standing by the lock on the east side of Marsh Lane bridge I crossed over to the west side where an angler was fishing and asked him if he'd seen any, and he told me that he had, and that they were commonly sighted on the stretch between there and Caen Hill Marina.

In fact, I'd only gone a few paces when one kingfisher flashed gloriously past, alighting on a branch directly opposite the angler. He called me when it took off and flew back past me, but I didn't catch it the second time. No matter, I had seen it.

I walked on a little further and took this, looking back, at the lock approaching Foxhangers. The light was already going and I returned to the car and continued on my way. This was the only picture I took. The angler is just below the bridge in the distance, barely visible even in Large.

21.11.2014 (1931 hr)

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