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River Avon At Melksham

I was sitting on a bench beside a boathouse, with the obligatory free Waitrose takeaway cappuccino, investigating my new iPad and watching the swans, when I noticed the camera icon and decided to test it out for the first time. A burst of pictures ensued, as I must have unknowingly held the shutter down too long, and this was one. They came out rather better than I had expected.

I could have uploaded it there and then as my Blip, using the Blipfoto app, but that would have put it out of sequence, so instead, after some minor on the spot cropping on the iPad, I copied it across to my PC for later editing (somehow losing all the EXIF data in the process) and subsequent blipping.

22.11.2014 (1702 hr)/
23.11.2014 (1555 hr)(re-uploaded new edit of image with EXIF data intact)

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Day #1695
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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Veruca Salt - The Museum Of Broken Relationships (2014)
Nina Gordon was born November 14, 1967 and is an American singer-songwriter, best known for being vocalist and guitarist of Veruca Salt, co-founded by her in Chicago IL in 1993 alongside Louise Post. The band recently re-formed and released this single for Record Store Day.

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