The Bauhinia Tree

I have been wanting to blip the Bauhinia tree, which has been in bloom for a few weeks now, but got interrupted by the 5day mono challenge.

I'm thrilled that they are still blooming, and shedding, making it look rather pretty on the ground and on the branches.

The Bauhinia flower is the national flower of Hong Kong and even features on the flag. Needless to say, I'm excited every time they are in bloom and brightening up the place with their pretty pink flowers.

The other tree that I particularly like, is the jacaranda in Australia. It has the most beautiful lilac flowers and a deep brown bark and the contrast to me is just stunning. And then when it starts to shed, there's a blanket of lilac on the ground and on the branches and it looks AMAZING! October is the time to be in Oz for the jacarandas :)

Ben stayed home and has his feet taped up. He has rested today although he had a complete and utter melt down in the evening. Serious melt down! I think he is just exhausted. More rest is in order I think.

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