..there were FIVE in the bed .......

Not the image I had in mind for today but on the right lines. I should have done my blip earlier in the day not knowing quite when I would be called for Granny duty. So driving home from taking the dog for a walk, my daughter called me to say the baby was on the way...! I took the dog home, gave her some food, grabbed a few bits and headed over to look after young Sophie while her Mum is 'otherwise occupied'.

Today is my son-in-law's birthday (the baby's uncle)so the new arrival may share his birthday if she makes her appearance before midnight!

The Five toys to fit in with Mono Monday are from Sophie's toy box - 'close-up' will have to pretend to be 'macro' for today.

Baby Blip very soon!!!

Baby born at 7.42 pm! All well.

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