Down these mean streets...

"You better keep out of my way, Seamus..."
His face looked like it had stopped a few punches in its time. I was surprised; he seemed such a charming companion...

"Yeah?" I doesn't bother with a witty comeback. Somehow, I felt that it would be wasted on Muggsy. I also felt that air was wasted on Muggsy but I was too polite to mention that. "Or what?"

"Or I'll break your leg, that's what..." He looked pleased with himself. Maybe it was the first time today that he had managed to speak a coherent sentence. Maybe he was thinking of the company of his old, grey-haired mother whom he would be visiting after he had dealt with me. Or maybe that was just what his face looked like when he wasn't doing any heavy thinking.

"And after that? I'll still be here, you know. I'll still know all about the racket you and Lefty Lamont are running..."

"After that, I'll break your other leg, Mr Clever-Detective." He grinned and, after a period of speculation, spat, copiously, on the pavement at my feet. "And after that, I'll break your other other leg."

PS Congratulations on buying the extended edition of this picture. With the bonus "Making of" documentary

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