The kitten-pup

Sometimes our dog Asia gets into the kitten's bed in my office, literally! I usually just let her do this because she is the grand dame at 13 years old and I also don't want her to feel we have cast her aside for the new kitten in the family. She never stays in the bed for long anyway. This time when Asia got in, look who came to see who was crawling into his bed? Yup, it was Lightning!

Later I found the kitten setting up camp somewhere he never had before, in his little cat house. I thought he looked so cute, sleeping snuggled in among the dog toys!!!! Too funny. We are having fun, Steven made a great stratching post for Lightning and he has been wow-ing us with his acrobatics!! Steven also made a video of Lightning chasing himself on the monitor when we watched the video I made of him playing with the feather toy. Confused?? Look here! Have a great Wednesday.

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