The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Dawn Hur

I bet you didn't know Ben had a little sister ....

We had a day out with Kate today.

First up was a morning at Range ..

If you have never set foot in a Range before now, you haven't lived! They sell absolutely everything ..

I was so excited Dawn had to put my reigns on!

After that we sat in a very long traffic jam ... that wasn't so much fun.

We had a lovely carvery in Colchester's Toby.

We then sat in another very long traffic jam ... Essex seems to be the land of the traffic jam!

Finally we had a couple of hours around Colchester Castle, which was fascinating. They had a chariot race simulator in one part. Dawn had a go and finished third .. I discovered an un-hitherto known skill in chariot racing by promptly winning my race when it was my turn!

It was a great afternoon out ... we have been helping out getting the hall ready for the big party tomorrow .. this is after all why we are in this part of the world.

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