'State Election & Car Selection Day'

We all had to vote for our State Election today, we headed off just after breakfast down to Hurstbridge to vote at the local Primary School and grabbed a sausage in bread each on our way out. Then we picked up a box of locally grown fruit & veggies from the organic shop just over the road from the school. They put in a mix of whatever the local growers have on offer daily, we had a punnet of beautiful cherries in ours which we just had to try as soon as we got home.

I've been out looking and test driving cars today as I'm due to changeover my company car. Test drove the Mazda CX-9 and the Toyota Kluger today, both seemed like a good fit although the Kluger felt more roomy and more powerful. I've also looked at a few other cars over the last few weeks too, so this afternoon I've set up a spreadsheet so that I can compare all of the important factors and make adjustments to the trade in prices offered to help me make a decision. I need to test drive the Nissan Pathfinder next I think.

When I arrived home the kids had decided to make lunch for everyone and picked a 3 cheese ravioli which they both made from scratch. Very impressive and tasty, even if it was nearly 4pm until we all ate.

Then we went for a walk down the road to see a friends new house which is currently being built. The main posts are standing, the sub floor brickwork is complete and the reclaimed oregon beams are being installed now, she is hoping that the house will be finished in March next year which will be nice as her daughter is one of Bellas besties and will be only 5 minutes walk away.

Latest update looks like we will have a new Labor government as of tomorrow, we'll see what it all means in the morning.

MsMun and Bella are putting away the guinea pigs just before we left on our little walk here.

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