By CoffeePotter

Moored Dead, Boats Slow

The weather was so gorgeous this morning that I threw caution to the wind and abandoned the housework, letting the dust settle a bit more for another day.

We decided to walk back along the canal towpath again, as the marathon that we saw yesterday was being held over two days, so there were more runners today. We started at Wilmcote and walked to Stratford, had a coffee, then walked back again, so a quite respectable roughly 9 miles.

This is a railway bridge about a mile out of the town, and is fairly low (although not as low as some of them are) so Pudsey will have to mind he doesn't bang his head. I like the way that Pudsey's soles have been painted yellow to match his suit. It can't have been very comfy to run a marathon, much of it cross country, wearing wellies.

The item that you can see at the side of the boat is a tyre which is tied to the boat, presumably to act as a fender, and on it there are 4 ducks (all male) taking a rest. they must have been pretty tyred. (Sorry for that fowl joke!)

On our return journey, we saw the same Japanese girl that we spotted yesterday, not very far from where we saw her before. She still had about 3 miles to go but was looking extremely sprightly seeing as she had already run the same marathon yesterday, and, like yesterday, was still dragging behind her a lifebelt with a bucket tied in the centre of it. It was a bit like Groundhog Day, because like yesterday, I still didn't ask her why. C called to her as she passed "Well done. You're mad." To which she called back over her shoulder "Yes, I'm crazy." Still, at least she knows.

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