Funniest Tree Ever!

After a late breakfast of pancakes (for everyone else, stupid All Bran for me!!) we headed to Dunstable to buy a car for Mr K. The two he'd seen on the internet had sold already so he had a half hearted browse around the dodgy car lot and decided he'd rather get the bus to the train station for a while!
I think he's suffering from buyers anxiety and two impatient Little Misses screeching about wanting a red one and "why can't you just hurry up and buy one Daddy?!!" didn't help.
So we headed home. Via Ikea to pick up the Little Misses' Christmas tree and to eat chips and meatballs (stupid salad for me!)
When we got home Mr K put their tree up and headed up into the loft to get down all the boxes full of Christmas treasures. Sadly homework, baths, dinner, trips to the garage to pick up emergency Advent calendars and dancing and singing meant there was no time to get it all out.
Apart from the rummaging through it all to find Miss E's sparkly pink reindeer for their tree!
Getting all the decorations out is one of my favourite things of the whole year. Can't wait until tomorrow!!

Miss E is not a fan of smiling for the camera. She either looks worried or pulls funny faces.
Unless you tell her to do fake laughter then she - silently - roars with laughter, throwing her head about, bending over double and generally looking like a lunatic.

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