By Teasel

Music Boy

I excelled myself this morning - I slept in till 8.36am!!!!! School starts at 8.55am and amazingly we were still there in time. A miracle!!! I then had to come home, recover from the stress, do something for work and then go out for a run so I could really appreciate what a beautiful morning it was. Whew!

BB is one of three children who have been chosen to learn cello at his school. I think they have now had three lessons. Today was the day he got to bring his cello home for the first time. I had some shots of him walking up the road with it on his back – but I have inadvertently deleted them. He has to do 5 practices this week – so he did one this afternoon.

Swimming soon, then we are off to Yorkshire to visit grandma and granddad for the weekend.

Here is cello boy doing his practice.

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