Muttley's Musings

By RuralDave

Reaching for the Moon

As I drove home from work I could see some glorious colours in the sky, and I had an idea of the picture that I wanted to take, but sadly I wasn't at the location in time to take the picture that I wanted, perhaps one for another day (on a weekend or later in the winter when the nights are getting shorter).

As I was walking down the lane I noticed the moon was rising from behind the trees and in close proximity to this fabulous dead tree which I have wanted to blip before. The moon was fuller than the other evening so I hurried along and found a suitable gap in the hedge to scramble through to take this picture, although using the tripod was futile so I had to go hand held.

I liked the way the branches of the dead tree were reaching up towards the full moon.

This is one picture which was under exposed to keep detail in the moon, but then the foreground detail was brought back in from the raw file.

Comments might be a bit slow this weekend as Mum and Dad are down visiting me as it's my birthday tomorrow, so I'll catch up as and when I can.

Have a good weekend

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