a modest enquirer

By lewishamdreamer

Red Ribbon, Red Velvet

The symbol used to be ubiquitous but even in the runup to this year's World AIDS Day it was still barely to be seen in London. So I was really impressed with the Hummingbird Bakery when I crossed paths with these beauties (which tasted as good as they looked). They also had pinnable red ribbons on offer, which was great as I hadn't been able to find any to wear in ages. Weird thing - very soon after, while G and I were walking with some former work colleagues of his, I was grabbed by a weirdo who demanded I explain the ribbon. Concerned about the possibility of conflict at a point where it would have ruined G's friends' day out, I just ignored him, but the incident stuck in my mind for some time after.

With early diagnosis it's now possible for people living with HIV to live essentially normal lifespans, but stigma surrounding the virus is still all-too-prevalent. It's all our responsibility to combat it and to raise awareness, and I'm constantly mindful of the people close to me who work tirelessly to make a difference. Every month I donate a standing order to Beyond Positive, whose founder Tom Hayes helps around the clock (and continent) to educate, inform and support.

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