'Tattoo & Body Art Show'

Curiosity got the better of me today and I ended up visiting the Tattoo & Body art show at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

It was nothing like what I was expecting, although I didn't really know what I was expecting, maybe more of the art, artists & equipment, but it seemed like almost every booth in the show had a tattoo artist actually tattooing someone. It was all much more subdued that I was thinking it would be, the main buzz was coming from all of the needles in operation. There was mostly silence from the people being tattooed and the artists.

There was also a stage set up down the back where they had competitions running. For example best Arm Sleeve, best leg sleeve, best back etc. etc. Each contestant was called up and asked to display their tattoos up close in front of 4 judges and then parade down the catwalk in front of a seated crowd.

I wandered around like a fish out of water for about an hour and a half feeling like I should't really be there, but everyone that I asked for a photo was more than willing and not a single person declined. Are they all seeking attention, are they just really proud of their artwork, I don't really know.

After seeing all of that today, I'm more than ever convinced that I'll never get a tattoo. I don't think I saw one person that I said 'Wow that's an improvement', for me personally I can't go past nice clean natural skin. I know I'm probably in the minority these days, but that's just the way I feel.

Dylan had another session of bounce this afternoon for a friends birthday. This time it was over at Essendon and thanks to Connie for taking him over with her & Lucian and to Neel for bringing him back to Diamond Creek.

We're starting to get through some of the Christmas preparations now, MsMun had the photos printed today and has just about finished putting them together now.

Only 2 more weeks of work left for the year.

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