Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Nice to have him back

It is lovely having Luke home again - although Gavin, who has not seen him since August, thought he was sporting a bit of a Jihadist look with that hairstyle and beard! Apparently he requested a number 4 haircut from the barber in Strasbourg but in France a number 4 means hair that is 4 mm long! And that beard...well it will go before his university interview this week! Murdoch kept photo bombing the shots, he wanted to sit right on Luke - you can see his shadow and maybe a few tufts of his hair in the bottom right corner!

Yesterday at the rugby match Adam played against a boy who he was at nursery school with in South Africa when he was two years old... what a small world. An even stranger meeting was with a woman who I was introduced to at the match, as she instantly recognised me. I swear I had never seen her in my life before but she was convinced she had met me - she later worked out that we had met at a friend's lunch in Johannesburg 24 years ago!! (and I still cannot remember ever meeting her)

We are off to the school carol service this afternoon. They actually have two services, one at 4pm and one at 7pm and the parents go to one or the other. However, as the boys are in chapel choir and I need to wait to take Adam home afterwards we will be going to both...although Gavin says he may escape to the pub for a beer and to read the newspapers while I sit through the second session. I love a carol service, but Gavin feels he is unable to attend two services back on back. I think many men may feel the same!

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