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It's been a while since I had a walk around Alloa town centre, in the daylight at least - pub crawls don't count, and at the moment it's looking a bit sorry for itself.

Edinburgh had (still has?) the disruption with all the tram works, but our wee toon has experienced some major upheaval in the name of development and progress. The council had £2.4 million to spend, which has to be all spent by the end of this month and there's certainly some major changes going on. Whether or not all the locals or the shop owners see the benefits of 2.5m stainless steel sculptures (which remind me very much of this) it'll at least it'll give some the opportunity to check their fake orange tan's and lippy's still intact.

When we stayed in flat just around the corner from here we had to pay to have the front of the building tidied up and painted; passing tonight and notice the council's now doing this along with replacing the gutters too!

So it looks like the Wee County's dumped Andy Scott and Rob Mullholland's now the man. It will be interesting to see how well the new artwork is received and I'll no doubt post this when all is unveiled. Until then, negotiating anywhere around the town on foot is like tackling an SAS assault course.

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