River Tour

Dave & Helen Lucas took Steve and I out to dinner at Woody's River Roo in Bradenton. Did we travel by car to get there?? NO! We went by boat -Dave's boat, the Helen Marie. It's not a speed boat and so we ambled our way down the river at about 6 knots. It took about and hour to get there. It also got dark on the way, but Dave has equipped the boat with lights, spotlights, a navigation device and much more. The boat was hand built by him! I am not as much of a boat person as Steve, Dave or Helen . . . but I did just fine tonight, meaning: I did not worry too much about traveling in the boat on the river at night, etc!

The restaurant is casual with outdoor seating and the food was excellent. I'd definitely go back. I could not resist trying to take a few photos en route with the handheld starlight setting. Before it got dark, Dave & Helen's little dog Tuck was just so cute enjoying the breeze on  the back deck! That's Steve & Dave driving the boat on the top right. The lights were really pretty on the river, they put me in a more festive mood and thinking of putting lights up myself. And the bottom right shot is Dave's boat parked at the River Roo. Their sign included a kangaroo! Do you think the owner comes from Australia??

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