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By arkensielphoto

Driving Wheels

Outside in the cold this morning with several other stupid people train enthusiasts to see the Cathedral Express train and carriages pulled by two Black Fives. I did not take as many pictures as I might have done had I set the camera on continuous! She goes through the station very fast, so I have some as she approaches as well as some of her as she travels off down the line. I chose this one of the beautful driving wheels as it also shows her number and some speed blur. There are others on Flickr if you are interested; there is a link on my 'about' page.

An early blip so not much to report, the building work is continuing satisfactorily and I will spend the rest of the day checking all of the marking to ensure consistency throughout, before send it all back to the students. Then maybe I can catch up with this week’s MasterChef.

This railway line also joins my two short ‘one streets’ so also forms part of that portfolio.

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