Derelict Thursday: Love Shack

Maybe I shouldn't explain my thought train for this one but if you're familiar with the B52's 'Love Shack' you'll know the line towards the end that goes "Tin roof ... rusted!" Well, it's that line that comes into my head when I see pass this way and this tin roof is rusted, busted and almost dusted.

There are various other buildings beyond the one on the left, covered with ivy and falling down. I suspect that planning permission will be sought for more modern homes, especially with that great view to Dawlish Warren and Exmouth that you can see down the middle. This of course is my offering for Tim (SarumStroller)'s Derelict Thursday challenge. I didn't know whether to upload mono or colour but if you want to see how it looks, the colour version is here.

Life seems to be a bit busy at the moment so apologies for a reduction in comments. I'm out again tonight but I'll hope to catch up tomorrow. I was very pleased when someone alerted me to the fact that my 'Sun on the Pier' blip is on the Blipfoto Facebook page. I'm not aware of that happening before.

Have a good evening.


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