Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

If you're going to do it, do it right...

It's been a really busy day today... mainly spent on retail therapy. More looking than buying though!

The big thing to do today was a food shop so we set off to Festival City. Got majorly distracted browsing M&S and suddenly remembering that I would like one nice coat - so very unlike me - I was actually looking in the clothes section. Beautiful coat identified along with several other items but rather than make an impulse buy which I am very prone to doing, I decided I wanted to check out the price online.

Got home to put the shopping away and do online check and boy am I glad I did, as the very same item is significantly cheaper in the UK!! It also means I don't have to carry it from here. Phew!

I had to do some shopping for the team at Wafi so we headed there. This is the Mall that brought the idea of decorating for Christmas to Dubai and each other, they WOW us with their display. And this is it... Wafi's Winter Wonderland... the only place I've been this weekend where gingerbread was not involved!! ;) I love the oversized things like bird in the aviary, bird feeder. Sadly to give a sense of how tall it is, a lot of detail is lost. I also didn't have my camera! Forgot it both times. BAD. So, in the words of Tigg... "the best camera you have is the one in your hand..." Not the best quality picture, but there you go... I *may* still return and do a collage of all the small oversized bits. Or the oversized small bits. You get the idea!

Another weekend flown past. And I have a very early start tomorrow; so good night and sorry I have not been able to catch up with you over my weekend.

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