Muttley's Musings

By RuralDave

Waiting for Launch

Following on from yesterdays space themed blip we have another space themed blip.

This evening there is the Geminid meteorite shower, so with clear skies forecast I headed over to Chesterton Windmill. I got there early for the sunset, which initially didn't hold much promise as the sky was largely cloudless, but after the sun had set I was treated to a pretty special afterglow.

I also noticed that spotlights have been installed to illuminate the windmill and these gradually came on and took over from the ambient light.

While I was at the windmill I saw a passage of the International Space Station, which I have attempted to photograph, and I did see at least one shooting star. I also saw a Barn Owl fly through the floodlighting at the base of the windmill which was pretty special.

I was also going to try to do some star trails but although I was warm enough the camera was starting to suffer with lens fogging, and also some cloud was starting to form. Plus there was a fair bit of light pollution from the nearby towns and cities.

I have chosen this picture as I like the floodlighting effect of the windmill, it reminds be of pictures of the Saturn 5 moon rockets at Cape Canaveral, and also the remains of the afterglow lingering while the stars are just starting to come out.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

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