creative lenna

By creativelenna

Little Lightning

Just in case you were wondering . . .

The new addition to our family is doing very well! Eating 3 square meals a day (and snacks) and growing like a weed! He is 6 months old now and really quite large for his age - we think. He has a good disposition although sometimes mischievous, just like a 6 month old kitten should be! We are enjoying him very much. I really like having a cat again. The dogs will stand right next to him and no problems unless Lightning jumps on Asia . . . which he did yesterday by mistake while chasing a toy. eeep!  Asia let him know she would have none of that!  Everyone is friends again now, phew.

My sister and her husband have just arrived back home in Connecticut where it is only 30 degrees F out, brrrr. It was not very warm while they were here (45-65 F) but I guess it was warmer than CT. We did have a great time together, celebrating mom's birthday, Thrift Store shopping and dinner at our house twice! That was really nice for us and they met Lightning for the first time. Kathy thought he was so cute, even though he made her sneeze! (she's a little allergic). They hope to return in February when it will be warmer . . . . Lightning will be even bigger then . . . in fact at this angle he looks like a bit of a monster don't you think?

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