Varanasi Crematoriums on the banks of the Ganges

Has to be viewed LARGE

We took the overnight sleeper train from Agra to Varanasi, it was late in arriving at Agra, and was about 5 1/2 hours late in arriving at Varanasi! As the railway lines have no fences, animals (and people) can roam over them, so as soon as it gets foggy, trains slow to a crawl!

Varanasi is an amazing place, with a fascinating history. Ceremonies take place over the Ganges to welcome the day (at dawn) and give thanks for the day (at sunset) - every day.

There are a couple of crematoriums set on the banks of the Ganges - it is thought death on the banks of the Ganges brings salvation - where over 400 cremations are held daily. Photography - and correctly - is only allowed at a respectful distance, up to two large pink columns. This was taken as we approached the columns. Not only can you see the various funeral pyres, but the countless heaps of wood for burning. There is a constant delivery of wood by sea all day as boat after boat arrives laden with its cargo.

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