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Max Factor

Not the one on blip of course.

This is Mini Max, my girlfriend's cousin's son and he has the cute factor for sure.

We all set off to Norwich at lunchtime to spend the weekend with the Price family.
Its a long way to go for one night, but it's worth it as we play games, catch up with each other and eat and drink to the excess.

The high light of the night is always the Secret Santa Gift Game, you are given a number which dictates your turn. When it is your turn you are allowed to steal a present from someone who has already picked instead of having one off the pile. Every year there is one gift that everyone wants to end up with (this year a fur hat). It can get quite heated with the steals but its all good fun. This year I ended up with a rather cool Neon retro lava lamp.

Have to say a big thanks to Julie Price for putting on another wonderful spread of food and making us all feel so welcome in her home.

In other news: last night I left the Casino £40 up which considering I don't have a clue in these places was pretty good.

Mr Bo Hingles

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