The Bossess’s Choice.
We got a phone call from The Bossess yesterday as she drove over the hill to Queenstown and once again it proves that she should be Blipping rather than working all those hours to keep The Boss and ME in the manner to which we have become accustomed. Well her too I guess.
So at Sparrows flatulence -27 the Boss dragged me sleepily into Suzz and up the Cardrona Valley we went to find the spot she saw. And there it was but it took 1 hour and 15 minutes of National Radio before the sun hit the valley floor and The Boss leapt…well actually climbed carefully….on to the roof of Suzz and as the sun was reaching the bottom of the hill opposite…clunked. That was the camera clunking not him falling off the roof…OK?
You have no idea how many times the same stuff gets mentioned in 1 hour and 15 minutes but I don’t think he was really listening anyway and at least we kno the right time to go up this valley again tomoro... Later…right!
And to celebrate the Boss shut his eyes as he opened the fridge for breakfast on his return so didn’t see the yogurt but managed to find an egg, some bacon and a lovely bit of undoubtedly stale bread, which seemed to need olive oil drizzled on it before it accidently fell in the frying pan with the other stuff. It smelt disgusting. I just had my usual and a Denta Stick …thanks for asking.
I think it is wonderful that the farmers here have such a strong sense of design…Eh?
Hey Fever?

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