More summer today and I mostly played “dogo” for the day and rejoiced when things cooled off after T for Grub and we went out.
Now that “Doggo” word is a bit strange ‘Cos it is sorta “dog go” which is what I really like doing all the time if possible BUT The Boss says it actually means the opposite which is not dog come but dog lay down and become invisible. I kno all about invisibility as I watched “Dog of the Rings” some time ago and this ring thing has a fruitphone app that distorts the dynamic isoclonic molecular structure and creates an invisible field (sorta paddock) around hobbits. So I guess it will work on dogs too as long as the battery isn’t flat. Invisibility would be extremely good for the time I need to race out my dog door (Crassssh) and drive off potential invaders (people with other dogs who I kno really well and play nicely with when we don’t have a fence between us). Then The Boss wouldn’t kno it was me barking and I wouldn’t get the “Stop that” command and I wouldn’t have to ignore it.
Yap that would be really cool.
Drip Drip Drop etc

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