My Aim is True


Five months early

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that in any gathering of more than 20 people, there will be at least two who spend most of the time whispering to each other. Meaning that everyone else has to put up with not actually being able to hear the talk and the Q&As. The odds go up considerably when the majority of people in the room are young geeks.

Wasn't it windy today. Crivens, I was almost blown off my feet in the middle of a junction. I realised that I better take care on the blipblubberbuster regime that I don't end up so slight I could be swept away in a light breeze.

On Tuesday I was uploading the weekend's blips and mentioned how I felt about cold Guinness. Yesterday when uploading I mentioned my feelings about flowers. So I realise that blipcentral are taking their lead from me. So tomorrow's word will be......harpsichord. (you heard it here first!)


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