A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

A good start, shaky middle, hoping for a smooth la

Despite the expected late night, this morning started well with a trip to ballet and its associated rituals. I love it and don't even mind that it means getting up like a weekday.

Turns out the effects of last night could not be completely avoided and the morning turned a little stressful trying to sort out our forthcoming France trip. Main lesson learned is to not attempt such things when tired. So that's still to be worked out.

Day went further downhill with horrendous rehearsal. It was like the last month hadn't happened. However after a good talking to the cast bucked their ideas up and the end was a definite improvement on the start. Let's hope everyone gets a good night's sleep before tomorrow's rehearsal. And I did get to have a little fun making a post-mortem* scar.

On train home and looking forward to a very chilled out evening with Carl and a movie.

Would like tomorrow to be more even-keeled.
Lesley x

* I bet I mention post-mortem 100% more than other blippers

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