Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

How Things Change

Since I started blipfoto quite a lot has happened in my life - some of which has been obvious from this journal and some of which hasn't. Let's just say for now that I'd never have imagined the last couple of months would have turned out like they have, and also that several parts of my life have undergone rapid and dramatic change.

Apparently the outside world has changed quite a lot too! This morning I found myself driving past the scene of the blip I posted here on January 17th (check it out here if you want to do a bit of comparison) and thought I'd stop and take another picture from the same place to see how they compared.

So there I squatted, in the muddy grass, iPhone in one hand with the earlier picture on the screen for comparison and camera in the other to take the photo. Fortunately there weren't any passers-by to observe my antics.

Maybe I'll go back again in the height of summer and see what it looks like then!

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