spring in my step

Trying a different angle in my blippin' fantastical shoe series.

Don't you hate it when you've written a nice long entry and then something (or someone.. the exterminator in this particular case) interrupts you.. so you get sidetracked from submitting and when you do come back.. you put your finishing touches, maybe add a few ridiculous and nonsensical tags and voilà! Your entry is gone and you're looking at the home page. Blast. I don't even remember what I had been writing. I'm sure it was chock full of wit and humor and it would have made everyone's day because of its mirth and enthusiasm for life. Mmm.. because that's what I always write about, don't you know?

I am pretty sure I mentioned how much I love these shoes. I don't remember for what occasion they were purchased, but I do remember not wearing them for said occasion. They aren't as comfortable as one might imagine.. though that's what I love about waterproof tape. I stick waterproof tape on everything from preventing toxins from touching my skin to wrapping my ring finger so my pens don't give me a callous when I write and everything else that doesn't feel comfortable. It's genius. And, as an added bonus, it's waterproof. Fancy stuff indeed.
I'm a redhead, a sensitive host (my dentist's words), if you will. Will you? I am told that if something is potentially harmful, I'll know about it first. (Hence my aversion to spicy foods.) The sun is my ultimate nemesis - as you can see from the past few pictures of my transparently white skin. I wish I could wrap my body in waterproof tape when I'm out in the sun and still be able to breathe.. but that's just being dramatic.

Alas, I fear I have said too much. I probably shouldn't be listing my weaknesses for all of blip and beyond to see. It's much easier to defeat me than you thought, eh?

run: 2.5 miles

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