A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

Plan A

This blip is Plan A in so much as it was the only plan. Actually plan is too strong a word as I managed to get to bedtime without any sign of a blip. So let's go with opportunistic instead. A very willing subject, not only did he get to spit repeatedly (what's not to love about that) it served as a great bedtime delay. I've processed it a little in the hope it won't offend. If it still does - sorry.

Planning has been the theme of the week, from my early Monday morning meeting onwards. And lots of doing too, which has left me now basking in the aftermath of achievement. Feels good.

The main Plan A is related to the forum discussion I started today. After getting as far as around Plan E with how we might spend Whit week* we have reverted to Plan A which is to visit the West Coast of Scotland. I'm mentioning it here as I would love to hear from any of you with suggestions, comments, advice on where to go, or stay, or what to do - or even what not to!

Lesley x

*week long holiday starting 31st May - and I know it is short for Whitsuntide and I'm fairly confident it has a religious heritage but that's your lot, I'm afraid.

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