the day that was...

no early morning ride or photowalk today but as a habit, got up fairly early. the day started with cup of hot green tea followed by some reading (academic). that's one type of reading that I am not too fond of but these are one of those things that we've to do irrespective of whether we like it or not. I always have trouble staying focused on such activities. I did have a fair share of distraction today in the form of TV and Mahjong.

The afternoon was spent at farside's. He had a late afternoon flight to catch and hence some of his close friends to turn up at his place before that for a final rendezvous. Initially, it was just I, farside and S talking about things and trying to make up some plans (sort of) meeting in future. I had moved in with farside and another friend into an apartment within about a month of landing in Hyderabad after coming back from a 3-year stay in US. We stayed together for about one and half years before he got married and moved into his beautiful apartment. We pretty much started photography together. I remember how during our initial days we used to discuss about ISO, aperture, shutter etc. It was a whole new world for us that there was a lot to learn. Fortunately, we had similar interests in movies and travel, which did help us in get along pretty well together. It was he who discovered blip and pulled me in. We've come a long way from there. I've known him for about 2.5 years now and I can say, without doubt that this time has been really enriching and formative for both of us.

After seeing them off, I and LSP decided to go to the tombs for some evening photography. It was anyway a long time since I've visited the place. As always, the tombs surprised me again. This time we got hold of a couple of kids playing there, who took us to the first floor of the tombs. Climbing up the stairs through complete darkness, trusting our instincts more than the eyesight, we found ourselves on the balcony of the tombs. It was a completely different view from there. The tombs were otherwise deserted. Generally, lot of people visit on weekends but due to the prevailing conditions in the old city, there was hardly a soul to be seen in the tombs.

Back home, a refreshing evening bath followed by bengali dinner and some cricket on the TV. All the pending work related plans that I had for the day were thwarted but I am not complaining. It has been a good day today.

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