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By Skip

The amazing woodpecker

What amazes me about these little woodpeckers is their talent for drilling perfectly round holes for their nests. You would think they had earned advanced degrees in architecture or engineering. I used to think they just drilled into trees looking for food. Then last year I watched one, over a period of weeks, drill a hole large enough to crawl into and disappear. That was quite a sight!

Our weather has been somewhat weird today. It's warm, actually touched on 80 degrees for a bit this afternoon. That, according to this morning's newspaper is a record. It is unheard of to have three days reach into the 80s this early in April. Three straight days in the 70s would be surprising. As today wore on, the wind picked up, the sky turned a strange color of brownish-grey, and the temperature dropped a bit. It is now blowing hard, whistling around the house actually, and 10 degrees cooler. I was hoping for a warm, sunny Easter when our family is here tomorrow, but that doesn't look promising right now. But at least it is warm, the daffodils and forsythia are blooming, and some trees are turning green. Happy spring, Blippers, and a joyful Easter to those who celebrate Christ's resurrection.

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