Cafe chairs

We went to Lyttelton today for breakfast and then supplies from the Saturday market. These chairs and tables are on the deck at the Lyttelton Coffee Co. It's an eclectic place I rather like. Not only is the coffee and food great, but the quirkiness suits me well ;-)

Of all the photos I took I liked the way the plastic chairs and rough wooden tables reduced to shapes and colours with the lensbaby.

I'm still not feeling great but with warm fine weather that certainly helps. I think we've caught up with everything that needs doing around home and I'm finally caught up on blip. (Hello, it's good to be back ;-)

I've back blipped the last week:

1. Post-sunset over Okarito Lagoon

2. Surprise helicopter flight over mountains and glaciers

3. Montage of shots of damp bush after rain

4. Sculptural driftwood on Gillespies Beach

5. Typical old West Coast farm shed (given the vintage treatment)

6. Portrait a duck and its mate

I look forward to catching up with your journals in the next day or two.

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