Tractor Factory Photos

By TractorFactoryPhotos


My journal name is derived from a non-listed skateboard company by the name of Tractor Factory Skates. My brother and some friends created it and I've carried it on in various guises.

We've been through a number of advertising campaigns through the years. Notable ones are the TFS petrol pump campaign (we guerilla style, put adverts in the handles of petrol pumps) and the £20 pound note campaign (photocopies of the £20 note altered to have our website address on it.).

We've had some numerous sticker campaigns and this is TFP Brother subversively taggin' a Bobbie during our 2002 visit to the Notting Hill carnival. This sticker was our classic based upon the ZX Specturm keyboard.

It was a notable Bucky weekend as we managed 3 number 1 Buckfast bottles between us. A group record.

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