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India Holiday: The Hampi Exploration Day...

We got up at 0715 this morning to go out with the intention of finding some reported water falls.  Went over the river in a chorical and found some falling water but didn't think it was impressive enough to be the water we were aiming at.

We passed though a village with no tourists.  All the children in the village were saying 'hero' in their language (I've no idea how I know this but it's written down in the diary) and asked 'What is your name?' in English.

We then climbed a hill we found.  We built a wee fire while we were up there and I remember seeing this huge millipede that looked at least 2 cm in girth.  We just about didn't make it down the hill as Dave had these leather sandles that didn't have much grip.  I had rubber ones which gave us a bit grip to get us round the hard rocks.  I did unfortunately stand on a spike of a branch that went through my sandle sole and punctured my foot a little.

After the hill incident we headed onward and found a reservoir.  We swam for a bit and then found the dam that created the reservoir.  We went down to the bottom of the dam and there was a place where water was released in a huge torrent.  A sort of pressure release for the dam I think.

Lastly, we headed back through some lush banana and rice fields, stopped at 'rock land' (this was a rocky area near Hampi which was littered with huge rocks of various large sizes which to this day still boggles me as to how they came to be there.) for a bit then caught another chorical back across the river.

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