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India Holiday: Moved to Hampi...

We came to Hampi on Monday.  It was a long and uncomfortable journey that took about 8 hours on a cramped bus which broke down at one point.  I remember we were stopped for about an hour at some place while the bus got fixed.  We were drinking chai with some of the other bus travellers.

I had a rough night on the floor.  I put my hammock up and we hired push bikes today.  We went out to see the underground temple, sister stones, elephant enclosure and stables.  We also went to a museum in the next village  and on the way back we found this tree with these big seed pods that we were trying to get down.  A young indian boy helped us by just scurrying up the tree and throwing them down for us.  I actually still have the two pods I got.  They make great marraccas.  I gave the boy some cough sweets for helping us.

Back in Hampi, I bought some coloured powder and a book with pages made out of cotton, jute, banana, tea and bamboo.  At night we ate Thali at the River View restaurant.  Lush!  The restaurant is just a  kitchen hut and mats on the ground.

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