By cdoney77

Hot Water and Freezers

We have hot water again.. after 6 days without!

We were visiting our friends and parents for showers recently.. It?s so much nicer to have one in your own house.

It turned out the thermostat had failed as it wasn't fitted correctly the first time. So the electrician replaced it.. The reason it took so long was that our landlord is in Australia. lol (we had to get him to call his mate who arranged for an electrician to come)

The first of a few 'exciting' things to happen this weekend!


The second 'exciting' thing;

Sometimes the ice in our freezer likes to grow out of the door, so I have the chisel it off with a knife every now and again, I was performing this task when all of a sudden a massive piece of ice fell off the roof of the freezer.. This rather excited me and I proceeded (With a Knife) to chisel off some more big chunks of ice..

Though my blind excitement I managed to pierce the plastic inside of the freezer with the knife causing some crazy cold gas stuff to start leaking out.. This was not a good thing it seems. I did try to stick the ice back on to make it stop but it wasn't having it!


So we ended up going on a mad chase to try and find a cheap similar freezer before the food melted (We couldn't order one online)

We managed to find one in comet in the end so a 40min drive and £99.99 later we had a new freezer in the back of the car. Woop!

We then headed back via the biggest ASDA in the world where I got a call from my mum 'we have found you a freezer from a lady at church' (For free). Bonus!

So in the end it all worked out.. (Turned out to be a newer model of the one I broke)

All in all everything seemed to be working out!

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