By cdoney77

We Borrowed A Car


Well if you read yesterdays blip you will know we have had somewhat of an eventful start to the weekend!

The third 'exciting' thing to happen was:

Finding out both me and my wife?s MOT'S had expired! A little wile ago ;)

We found this out Friday evening but could not do anything about it till this morning, so up at 8.30am and on the phone to 5 or 6 different mot bays in the area!

No spaces! 'Can't fit you in till Tuesday sir'

We finally manage to find a local garage that thinks he can fit in one of the cars (My wife?s) and another garage 30min drive away that said he could accommodate me.

So we rush to get ready (Only being able to enjoy the much missed hot water for a few mins)

We then both drove to the local garage dropping off my wife?s car, then in my car we drive into Cranleigh.

OK so both cars in for MOT (Quite an achievement to get to MOT's short notice on a Saturday.

Luckily the MOT Bay in Cranleigh is only a short walk from the church where my parents were hosting an open day. So we spent a few hours there catching up with old friends and drinking coffee.

Baring in mind we need to be back to the local garage (30min drive) by 1pm 12:30 came around very fast and no call from my garage. SO on calling them they inform me my car has failed :( Bummer.. What do we do now?

Luckily my brother is currently traveling in Brazil at the moment, so we were able to borrow his mini (My wife?s old car)

So we had to pick up my car, drive to my parents, pick up his car, Drive super quick back home to pick up my wife?s car just in time!

Luckily her car has passed..

And a bonus was I got to drive a mini again! They?re such fun! I really miss mine!

Ok so we have one car with an MOT and a borrowed mini.

Time to take the freezer back, so we load it into my wife?s car and I realize, in our haste to get back I had left the receipt in my car in Ccranleigh. So we then head to Guildford, via Cranleigh to pick up the receipt.. Luckily they took it back with no issues


Then home again for a nice cold beer.. And an evening with my brother-in-law Playing Army of Two 40th Day (We got a good few hours relaxing out of it, About 8 lol)

In the end though it has all come together.. I'm just looking forward to Sunday where I can just relax and catch up on my blips and tweets...

Ill just forget about the fact my car still needs fixing and it likely to cost a bit!

We can deal with that in Mondays blip!

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