Worlds of difference

Parts of South Delhi are very beautiful. Beautiful canopies straining the evening light, nice wide clean roads and a lack of pollution. Quite a few things that one can't take for granted in India. We headed off to Alliance Francaise on Lodhi Road where a photography exhibition was being held. It's idea was to take two images, side by side and bring out some sort of uncanny correlation or contrast between them.

I had this feeling, it was perhaps not the artist's idea to have it that way since some of the pairs had very little in common(a lot of forced correlation) whereas in others the relation was too obvious and amateurish. Most of the monochromes seemed to have been shot casually and the only thing I liked was how the surroundings were incorporated while shooting people. All the flowery language that attempted to introduce the exhibition was incoherent and made little sense. The hall where the exhibits were as well as the quality of the frames and prints were just magnificent. I hope this contrast between the lack of depth in the idea and the glitzy exterior is not the general trend in the Delhi art scene. Walked through Lodhi gardens and into the India International centre. There was a rather low-profile exhibition of photos mainly of Myanmar which tried to depict changes since the war. It was understated but beautifully observed and crafted. The photograher showed great versatility and some of the images will bring me a smile when I recall them. I think this is the nature of art in all places. The ones hogging the limelight aren't necessarily of the highest quality. The good ones need a bit of searching. They lie tucked away in corners.

Among other exhibitions at the Habitat centre, there was one of decorated eggs. It took Easter eggs to a whole new level! There were elaborate horse carriages, cups and saucers, a child's bed, a maiden and her fallen umbrella, carved out Islamic calligraphy, dolls' houses and so on, all carved out of goose, ostrich or emu's eggs! I don't think I would be particularly keen on having any of them at my place, but the creativity that went into making them is just superb. Our dinner was nice though simple.

There are so many images that make up the day, some so insignificant, one doesn't exactly recollect them while trying to write at its end. Like the yellow Volkswagen Beetle parked unapologetically at our parking spot, me carrying a brown paper bag with its crinkly noises wrapped with food, peanut-better malt shakes, red and pink lights that threw the white balance completely off, men and women sitting together by a bus-stop on a deserted road late at night, no dog to growl and a young girl looking up with curiosity, joggers, stretched legs against tree-trunks, balloons punched into the air too lazy to take orders, women wearing musk cologne, undeserved appreciation, aperture and a blurred star, dust visible only at night... there are so many. The mind is filled with images from the day that keep blinking, like a slideshow on a projector. A whirring noise, brief pauses and a click.

P.S. I am just turning comments off for a while. I haven't been able to keep up with the comments or looking at other journals and commenting back. It is an experiment and may end sooner than I can imagine.

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