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Love is a Pink Cake.

Love is a Pink Cake.
~Andy Warhol

Today Charlotte and I were on our own as Michael is busy at NPAwith Chris, getting ready for Saturday's performance in London (more here). We decided on a trip to Jackfield Tile Museum and Charlotte called her friend Matilda to join us.

As we have passports to Ironbridge, we tend to go quite a lot. What was nice about today was Matilda has never been to any of the 10 Ironbridge museums so Charlotte was able to guide her throughout the day. We started off at Jackfield, to make tiles. We had a lot of fun picking out themes and colors. As Charlotte went with Art Nouveau, I went with a pop art theme - lucky for me I had my Andy Warhol book that I'm reading with me and was able to use it for inspiration. Hence the tile - it's in the book. The Cupcake design has slowly crawled into our lives as a theme the last few months so that also was used. Matilda went with a dog theme as she loves animals. Pictures of tiles here. Before leaving we walked around the tile museum, Matilda now with an enlightenment as to the work involved in what she only felt before were 'there'.

We were planning on heading home but Charlotte insisted on taking Matilda to Coalport, where we've been before (and I blipped the zoetrope). Fortunately, there was a clay workshop going on so for a few extra pounds, we spent an hour creating objects. Again, we went for the Pop art theme, and Charlotte & I made charms and doughnuts we saw at the Jann Haworth exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. We even paid a little extra and are having them glazed (so we won't see them for 3-6 weeks). The blip that didn't make it.

We walk around Coalport, again with Matilda learning from Charlotte the reason kilns are important and how our area is famous for it's pottery, we stopped for ice cream.

After we dropped Matilda home, we popped into NPA and were privileged to a private viewing of on the performances being shown in London. It's looking brilliant if I do say so myself.

More pictures.

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